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Here at HPI Racing UK there is a dedicated team of Customer Service Technicians at the end of a telephone, to take care of your warranty and technical needs, no matter how big or small.

If you require any assistance please contact the Customer Service Team by typing in your question below or contact us by calling 0845 00 66 160 or if you prefer not to use our 0845 number, you can also call us on (01283) 226570. (Standard office hours are 8:30-17:00 Monday to Friday)
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Please type your question above. You will get a set of suggested answers based on our support FAQ immediately. If these answers do not help you, or we are unable to find any relevant answers based on your question, you can send your support request with more details to one of our Customer Service Technicians. You will then get an individual response within 2 working days.
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It's likely that your slipper clutch is loose. The slipper clutch is a torque limiting device that is intended to reduce stress on the drivetrain of your car.

You can find a tutorial on www.hpieurope.com that details how your slipper clutch should be set. If your car appears to be different to the cars shown in the tutorial then you can refer to your instruction manual for details of setting up the slipper clutch.

If your slipper clutch is set correctly and the car is still not moving then it's likely that there is a problem with your clutch. Please refer to the instuction manual for your car for full details on how to service and maintain your clutch.

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There are several methods of stopping your engine; the easiest is to use a rag pressed over the tip of your engine's exhaust. Be very careful when doing this, the exhaust on your car is likely to be hot, especially if it is made of metal!

You can also pinch the fuel line running from the fuel tank to the engine until the engine stalls. It is recommended that you do this with the car's wheels off the floor; as the fuel runs out the engine revs will increase before the engine stalls.

If you have an HPI Savage you can also use the optional Engine Stop System with your car - this is compatible with all of the Savage series except the XL.

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Petrol powered RC cars run on normal petrol mixed with 2-stroke oil.
These cars are usually large 1/5th scale models powered by an engine that is similar to a lawn mower engine but optimized for RC cars.

Nitro models run on special Model Nitro fuel and cannot be run on normal petrol. Model Nitro fuel is widely available in model shops.
Nitro powered cars are the most common kind of RC cars with a combustion engine, and are available in a variety of different scales.

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Your car is supplied with a comprehensive instruction manual and in some cases a DVD too. We recommend that you follow the guidelines given to help ensure that your engine has the best possible mix of  life and performance.

If you need a copy of the instuctions for your car then you can download them from the HPI Europe website!

You can also find helpful 'Getting Started' videos in the Learning Lab on HPI.TV if you require further assistance.

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It sounds like your idle speed is set too low. Try turning the idle screw 1/2 turn clockwise and start the engine of your car with the wheels off the ground. You can use your instruction manual to help identify the idle screw if you are unsure where to find it.

Next, apply the brakes on your transmitter and start turning the idle screw slowly anti-clockwise until the engine stalls. Once you have reached this point, turn the idle screw 1/8 turn clockwise again.

When set correctly the car should sit at a standstill when the engine is idling. You may find that on a brand new car the idle has to be set slightly higher so that the car does not stall. This is acceptable provided the car is not moving quicker than walking pace. You should be able to reduce the idle speed after a few more tanks of fuel.

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There are one of two possible problems:

1) The glowplug may require replacement. You can find details of the glowplugs that HPI have available on the website.

2) Your engine may be set too rich - try returning the engine to it's base settings as shown in the instruction manual or on the tutorial DVD and beginning the tuning process again.

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In the first instance we would suggest watching the DVD included with your car again and restarting the setup procedure, just to make sure you have not missed anything. You can also find a tutorial video on HPI.TV

Once you have checked you are following the correct starting procedure then you should ensure that your car's engine is set to it's factory base settings. You should find these on the DVD or in the instruction manual provided with your car. 

If this fails to resolve your issue then you can contact either your local model shop or the After Sales Care line (0845 00 66 160) for further help and advice.

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